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Hip pain from trauma, overuse, or aging is a common problem that restricts your mobility. At Dearborn and Livonia Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, the board-certified surgeons use advanced diagnostics to determine the cause of your hip pain. They also offer cutting-edge treatments to resolve your pain and restore joint function. To find a solution for your hip pain, call the practice’s Dearborn or Livonia, Michigan, office today, or book an appointment online.

Hip Pain Q & A

Where is my hip pain coming from?

The hip is one of the biggest weight-bearing joints. It allows your leg to move and rotate while ensuring your body is stable and balanced. Because hip joints carry such a heavy load, they’re vulnerable to injury, overuse, and wear and tear.

The two bones that form your hip joint are the femur and pelvis. The femur (thighbone) has a ball-shaped end (the femoral head) that fits into a socket (acetabulum) in your pelvis. The femoral head and acetabulum have a layer of smooth articular cartilage that protects the bones.

There’s a ring of cartilage (the labrum) inside the socket to secure the ball in place. The hips also have tendons and ligaments connecting the bones and muscles. Any of these structures could suffer an injury that results in hip pain.

What are some common causes of hip pain?

Common causes of hip pain seen at Dearborn and Livonia Orthopedics & Sports Medicine include:

Trochanteric bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis is irritation of the trochanteric bursa, a small, fluid-filled sac on the outside of your femur. This bursa cushions a thick tendon in your leg called the iliotibial band. The most likely causes of trochanteric bursitis are repetitive stress, a fall or hard blow to the outer hip, and poor posture.

Hip fractures

A hip fracture is a break in the top of the femur. Common causes include auto accidents, falls, and sports injuries. Older people with osteoporosis, which weakens their bones, can easily fracture their hips. 

The injury causes severe pain and stops you from bearing weight on that leg. There may be bruising, swelling, and stiffness, and the limb might turn outward.


Osteoarthritis is a gradual breakdown of the articular cartilage in your joints. This tough, smooth, connective tissue protects the ends of the bones and allows them to slide painlessly over each other when you move. 

wear and tear over the years causes the cartilage to erode, leaving the bones unprotected. Trauma can accelerate this process.

Osteoarthritis is common in the hips because these joints bear substantial weight. It can cause significant disability due to chronic pain, stiffness, and weakness, which worsens over time.

How is hip pain treated?

The treatments your provider at Dearborn and Livonia Orthopedics & Sports Medicine recommends depend on the cause and severity of your hip pain. Options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Shoe orthotics
  • Weight loss (to relieve stress on the hip)
  • Use of a cane or crutches
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Corticosteroid injections

Hip fractures almost always require surgery. You might need screws and plates to realign and secure the broken femur. Severe fractures and advanced osteoarthritis might need hip replacement surgery.

To find out what’s causing your hip pain and get the treatment you need, call Dearborn and Livonia Orthopedics & Sports Medicine today, or book an appointment online.